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Villa Mari

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RENT: at the gates of Montagnana in Borgo Enniano, beautiful renovated villa with rooms for bed and breakfast, conference room, shared kitchen with wonderful and spacious park.
Types and ROOM RATES: ROOM PEONIES: single room-45% u20AC per night-shared bath ROOM ROSE: double room per night triple room 70-52% u20AC% u20AC per night ROOM TULIPS: single room 30% u20AC per night-double room 45% u20AC per night ROOM SUNFLOWERS: room Double 45% u20AC per night-triple room 65% u20AC per night includes good service breakfast in one of the patisseries of Affiliate Center.
For information: Tel COMPRICASA. 0429/805600 email

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Category: Historic Palaces
Destination: Tourist
Type: Rent - Transient
City: Padova
Town: Montagnana
Locality: Borgo San Zeno
Floor: Multi-storey - plans building 2
Conditions: Excellent Condition
Heating: Autonomous
Security door

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